CTRL Cosmetics: Natural, Unisex Skincare by Mother Daughter Duo Nina & Alissa Steinberg

CTRL® Cosmetics is truly a family business. Founder Nina L. Steinberg, launched the brand in August 2019 with husband and business partner, Alan H. Steinberg. Their daughter Alissa and son Justin have also been integral to the business since inception. Their entrepreneurial journey to date has been an exciting and fast growing one. Since their launch, in addition to selling online, they are also selling in SHOWFIELDS retail locations in both Miami Beach and New York City…despite launching right before the pandemic.

Nina credits their success to understanding the needs of their potential customers and clearly communicating their brand value. After all, it was Nina’s own frustration with trying to find top performing, naturally based skincare that led to the creation of CTRL Cosmetics. Existing brands, including top prestige brands, leaned towards using too many non-essential ingredients that irritated her skin. Having a compromised immune system along with several skin sensitivities, she finally went and met with leading cosmetic chemists to find answers. This collaboration identified the formulas to achieving a healthy, glowing complexion. Not just for sensitive skin, but for anyone who simply wants skincare products that promote healthy skin without any irritants.


There are several characteristics of the brand that stand out. First off, a minimalist philosophy is applied to product development to eliminate non-essential ingredients. Ingredients include potent antioxidant vitamins, carefully sourced botanicals and naturally derived actives without any useless fillers or harmful chemicals. Secondly, the goal is simple and clear – healthy skin for all. No gimmicks or niches by age, gender, skin type. Just natural skincare for anyone who wants clean, hydrated, and moisture rich, healthy skin. How refreshing in an age when consumers are bombarded with selection and end up buying and applying 10 layers of products every morning and night!

Nina’s passion for her brand and products is evident and she advises that team members, aside from top qualifications and skills, must truly embrace the company values and mission. As a woman founder and business owner, she understands the challenges and works hard to support other women owned brands – especially in her home city of Miami. Getting to work with her daughter regularly is particularly special as spending time with her children is one of her most cherished joys in life.

We wish Nina and all the other amazing Mothers and small business owners in our community a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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