First day of fall. Even when it's hot, you can still be fashionable.

First day of fall. Even when it's hot, you can still be fashionable.


Calendar-wise fall is almost here.  Weather-wise, Miami is going to feel like summer for months to come. But just because it doesn’t feel like fall out, doesn’t mean we have to leave our passion for Autumn fashion behind. Here are fall essential picks for how to play up the fall vibe even if Miami temps aren’t playing along. The good news is you can wear these pieces well into the beginning of 2022, as that’s when Miami temps will finally dip into the weather needed to switch up our wardrobes. And to make it simple, they are all available from Vecinos Market, which makes shopping easy breezy, like a nice fall day.

Must-Have Fall Fashion Items for Miami

In reality, it’s way too humid to don a sweater and boots, unless you’re planning to sit directly in front of an AC vent. So do fall the way Miami has been doing it for years. Slip into a cute little set but make sure it’s in a fall hue. Or, add a sweater. A Miami sweater. One that’s light, sleeveless and broadly woven. Same goes for accessories. Swap out woven earrings for heavier ones. Trade in your basket bag for something with a bit more bulk. I’ve even found a necklace you can add a fall scent to so it feels a little more Autum-like out there. 

When it comes to fall, animal prints are always a must. Leopard has long been my go-to. I like to treat it as a neutral, which is great for adding essential fall pieces to really create the look. Add a pair of booties, a dark colored scarf, even a darker shade of lipstick and you can transition a leopard look into a fall staple. If you see a lot of leopard below, now you know why. Don’t be afraid to change your spots and try it with a combination of accessories. 

Another fall staple is a simple black dress. One with just one shoulder, well, that’s just what makes it Miami. Another good option is one with a lace overlay. You’ll find both below, perfect for a night out, a great dinner or a date. 

Denim is another fall staple. Be it a jumpsuit you can pair fall accessories with, or a great pair of jeans you can add a concert tee to (and dress up with heels for a night out or sneakers for running around town).

Eventually things will cool down and you’ll get to throw on a great cardi or sweatshirt, even if it’s only inside a restaurant where the AC is down too low. Take advantage while you can and wear what you can while you can. 

And last but not least, don’t forget your mask. It’s still as fashionable and smart now as before. The one I picked out before isn’t just lip service either. It’s a whole mouthful. 

Happy fall and happy shopping.

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