How to Show Employee Appreciation

It takes team work to make the dream work. Now more than ever staffing has become a huge issue not only in the nation but, worldwide. Once you find the right talent, it’s important to not only give them recognition but, also appreciation. More than 40% of employed Americans feel that if they were recognized more often, they would put more energy into their work. Go above and the simple “thank you,” and show your staff their worth with these tips.


  1. Celebrate Work Anniversaries

According to this study by Harvard Business Review, they found that employees were likely to leave after one year of employment. Upcoming generations move around more in their careers. Remind them their value and gift them with something meaningful like these beautiful boxes customized by the Miami company, Vecinos Market. This digital marketplace support local businesses as all of their products are made by businesses in the magic city.


  1. Send Birthday Gifts

One simple gesture as celebrating an employee’s birthday can go a long way. Birthdays can help boost workplace morale, increase their engagement and happiness.  According to employee surveys, 65% strongly agree that both merchandise and travel awards are remembered longer than cash payments. Give them the day off, cater lunch, bring in a cake and/or send them something sweet like this Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box.


  1. Provide Raises or Bonuses

Hiring and retaining top-tier talent is vital for any kind of business. An annual raise can incentivize employees and make them loyal. Bonuses are a great way to reward your staff. Show them your appreciation or celebrate their win with a generous monetary form of compensation.


  1. Team Lunches

Create a strong and healthy workplace among your staff. 60 percent of employees surveyed in a study said they would feel more valued and appreciated if they were provided food at the office. Sometimes talking about ideas for work is easier when you’re not sitting in the boss’s office, but across the table. Not only does this give your team a chance to network and connect but, it can also increase productivity.  


  1. Give them a Voice

Encourage your employees to be honest and open about topics. An employees’ voice is a critical component of establishing a workforce that is happy, more productive and engaged. Employers should listen when due, lead brainstorm meetings, put up on a idea wall or utilize the suggestion box which gives them a safe avenue to communicate.


  1. Send an Employee Appreciation Box
Skip the thank you note and surprise a hardworking employee with a thoughtful gift. This employee appreciation box was customized by Miami entrepreneurs Vecinos Market. Inside you’ll find a “Coffee Break” soy candle, one homemade Gourmet Cookie Sampler by local bakery SarahLu Confections, Nudge Coffee Bombs and a Glass Globe air plant. For more information and purchase, visit here.
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