What are microgreens?

What's a microgreen? They're the vegetables you know, like broccoli and radish, but at a young stage falling somewhere between a sprout and baby green. They're packed with a higher concentration of nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Moreover, they are flavorful, aromatic, fresh and crunchy! Here are some ways you can incorporate microgreens into your favorite recipes.

1. Tacos: top them with microgreens instead of lettuce
2. Flatbread/Pizza: sprinkle them over the cheese after taking it out of the oven
3. Sliders/Burgers: substitute lettuce with crunchy microgreens
4. Soups: once served, garnish your favorite soup with Parmesan cheese microgreens
5. Sandwiches: add a crunch to your favorite turkey sandwich by replacing the leafy greens with microgreens
6. Grain Bowls: make it more nutritious by adding a handful of microgreens
7. Salads: add microgreens to accompany your salad greens
8. Avocado Toast: top your toast with microgreens
9. Omelette: add microgreens to the inside of the omelette while cooking it or the top once it's served
10. Bruschetta: top them with microgreens or incorporate the microgreens into the tomato/basil mix
11. Fish & Chicken: once it's cooked and served, top your fish filet or chicken breast with a few microgreens
12. Stir Fry: stir fry microgreens alongside your favorite veggies and proteins
13. Pesto: use microgreens instead of basil in the pesto
14. Wraps: add a crunch to your favorite wrap by replacing the leafy greens with microgreens
15. Pasta: top it lightly with microgreens once it's served