Collection: Fresh Seafood in Miami-Dade

Vecinos Market - Fresh Seafood

Nestled between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida is no stranger to quality seafood, and we at Vecinos Market have sourced the very best to fill your plates. From local fishermen and sellers, we have everything you could want for your fine seafood dining, from lobster to octopus to tuna. And you can all get it shipped straight to your door, if you live in Miami-Dade County.

While there is seafood plucked right off the coast, including the Florida Little Neck Fresh Clams, we can also get live lobster flown down from Maine if that’s more to your liking. Of course, there’s Carribean lobster, too, and we even do a five-star, hand-cut lobster carpaccio that will be welcome at any dinner with guests with discerning palettes. Carpaccio is tricky and requires skill and technique of a chef, so your guests will be all the more impressed by this delicious appetizer.

And if you want more traditional fare, there’s always the Surf-and-Turf: 2 lobsters from the beautiful clear waters of the Carribean and one massive 26oz USDA Prime porterhouse steak, wet aged for 30 days.

The beauty of Vecinos Market is that we source fresh-caught seafood and deliver it straight to your door. We only accept the highest quality so you can know that you’re getting the very best. It’s local, it’s genuine, and it comes with the highest level of service.

Whatever seafood you’re looking for in Miami, whether you’re putting on a large dinner or a quiet meal on the beach for two, you can find what you’re looking for at Vecinos Market. And all orders over $100 are shipped free within Miami-Dade County.