Kids Toys, Activities, and Decor in Miami-Dade

Vecinos (Neighborhood) Market is a community boutique that offers unique takes on traditional products, and nowhere is that seen more clearly than in our selection of kids toys in Miami-Dade counties.

The toys and gifts that you find on our kids pages are not going to be something you’d encounter in a big box store--these are made with a level of care and innovation that doesn’t rely on blockbuster movie stars to put their pictures on products; these toys will make your kids smile just because they’re so different, and different is fun. These toys spark the imagination, foster creativity, and are environmentally friendly.

From the whimsical almost-Seussian charms of the Arch House Red by Happy Monkey, to their fun and witty Suitcase with Two Cakes and Tableware for 2, you’re going to be sure that the kids toys you’re buying in Miami-Dade county are not something that they will have seen before--or even imagined before.

Try your hand at the silly and hilarious puzzle toys from Frangipani, such as the Pom Pom Poodles, where you glue pom poms onto an adorable puppy, to their book Rainbow Legends Alphabet, celebrating the LGBTQI+ community in a beautifully designed hardcover.

Everything from modernist piggy banks to quaint doll clothes to the most creative playhouses your child has ever laid eyes on, these purveyors of kids toys in Miami-Dade deliver the goods in myriad ways that will delight and overjoy your little ones. The selection really has to be seen to be believed--just when you figure out what one seller is all about they’ll turn it all on its head with something surreal and totally out-of-the-box: really, who delivers a crate of plastic fresh fish but then turns around to give you the confetti accordion.

Based here in Miami, we offer free next-day delivery to anywhere in Miami-Dade County on purchases over $100--perfect for that pop-up birthday party that your child’s friend springs on you at the last minute.

Come and take a look at the whimsy and delight that our kids' selection can bring.