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08 Autumn Lodge

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A great blend of different citruses orange zest, grapefruit, bergamot with a hint of cedarwood and musk.

Scent Type


Key Notes

Citrus Orange Zest, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove Bud, Tonka, Fir Needle, Citrus Musk, Cedarwood



Burn Time

45-50 hrs


9oz | 255g


100% all-natural soy candles
Cotton wick 
Non-Toxic Ingredients
No Parabens
No Phthalates
No synthetic dyes


We have all purchased a candle that came in a beautiful, decorative jar. What a perfect piece to add to the house decor and theme. We find the perfect home for our new piece, burn, and enjoy the beautiful scent as we transport ourselves to our favorite places. Then comes the end, and on the way to dispose of the now completely exhausted vessel of magic, we must decide on whether to recycle the container or repurpose the vessel throughout your house. If the latter is of interest, here are 2, foolproof ways to prepare your vessel for its new life.

Option 1:
Place the decorative jar in boiling water until the wax has fully melted. Pour out the wax, apply rubbing alcohol to a paper towel or cloth, and wipe away.

Option 2:
Place the decorative jar in the freezer for two hours. Remove the wax using a dull edge knife chipping the wax away, apply rubbing alcohol to a paper towel or cloth, and wipe away.

Complete either of the above options and you would have repurposed your favorite candle jar. Happy recycling!