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40 Vendimias Old Vine Verdejo 2017 Spain - 750 ml

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 90 points by Wine Spectator.

With a pale yellow robe, this remarkably complex verdejo is clean and intense on the nose with the trademark verdejo aromas of fennel, lowland forest and natural springs. On the palate it is velvety, big, with impressive structure and a long finish. Ideal to pair with seafood, shellfish and salads.

Vintage: 2017.

Winery: Cuatro Rayas.

Region: La Seca, Valladolid, Spain.

Appellation: Rueda.

Grapes: 100% old-vine Verdejo, a variety of that has long been grown in the Rueda region of Spain. Verdejo was generally used to make a strongly oxidized, sherry-like wine. Wines labeled Rueda must contain 50% Verdejo. Wines designated "Rueda Verdejo" must contain 85% Verdejo, and are often 100% Verdejo. Verdejo wines are aromatic, often soft, and full-bodied.

Ageing: 5 months on the lees.

Alcohol: 13%.

Cuatro Rayas was founded in 1935 and has grown today to produce 20% of all verdejo wine produced in the Rueda appellation. The more than 2,150 hectares of the winery Cuatro Rayas are meticulously controlled by the technical department throughout its growth cycle, in order to obtain the highest quality at the time of harvest. Lead winemaker Angel Calleja has been with the winery for more than 40 years, creating this wine “Cuarenta Vendimias” meaning 40 harvests in Spanish.