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Brand: Beehive Cheese
Country of Origin: USA
Region: Utah
Milk Type: Cow
Milk Treatment: Pasteurized
Rennet Type: Microbial
Average Maturation Time: 4 Months

Do you love coffee and wish you could have it with your cheese? Try this amazing cheese. The recipe is based on a cheddar and then transformed by rubbing the exterior with coffee and lavender. The cheese has a nice acidity to it, but it is rounded by the flavor of the coffee that penetrates the paste giving it deep notes of chicory. The cheese is aged for 8 months allowing the flavors to mix together and create one of the most inventive cheeses we have seen.
Enjoy by itself with oat crackers or whole wheat breads. You could add a fruit compote for your afternoon snack.
Try it with a nice glass of bourbon or scotch.