Bosque de Matasnos 2016 | Ribera del Duero-Beer & Wine-Vecinos Market

Bosque de Matasnos 2016 | Ribera del Duero

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We tried this wine and completely loved it, and we know you will love it as well. It has a limited yearly production and definitely not easy to find. This is a must if you like Ribera del Duero wines... It will impress you.

This wine is highly rated, you can verify with your source of preference.

At 85% Tempranillo, 12% Merlot and 3% Malbec, all grapes enter the cellar at 6ºC. Once there, the grapes are put through a double sorting table.

Intense cherry color, slightly bright and very high layer.

High intensity and very pleasant aromas. Red fruit, cherry predominates,
with an aromatic complexity typical of a good wine. Fine spices
Cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, toffee. We also found a mineral touch and
slightly balsamic typical of the Forest of Matasnos.

In terms of taste, it is a fine and pleasant wine where both the red fruit and the fine spices meet in flavour. Long and continuous aftertaste, remember again the Red fruit base, a light touch of black and those pleasant spices ...
Very rich and above all a strong statement from the Ribera del Duero.