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Breakfast & Snack Bundle Kit

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Hi there! 

I have put together a breakfast and snack box for your convenience. These are the items I bring home and always have with me. To provide a healthy and nourishing breakfast to my daughter, I use the pancake mix. I bring the granola cereal home to have it over yogurt for my breakfast. The Trail-mix bars are a great on-the-go snack that can I keep in my purse, and the cookies and brownies --well, those need no explanation. 

The Breakfast and Snack Bundle Kit includes:
- 4 cookies, assortment of flavors
- 2 brownies or blondies
- 4 harmony trail-mix bars
- 28 oz-wt pancake mix
- 10 oz-wt granola cereal  
All items are vegan and gluten-free!


- Orders are processed every Monday.  Delivery estimate 3-7 days. 

- We can mail packated items all over the U.S.