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Musashino Daku | Junmai Sake 500 ml

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This Sake is creamy, dry layered and veryyy different.

This is a complex Nigori, which makes it a really cool product. It presents a collection of yogurt and creamy tones and layers of complex flavors like  strawberry, melon, honey and a tingle of citrus tones that are zesty and sweet. Red wine drinkers take note of a tannin-like astringency that expands in the glass. 


Nigori translates roughly to “cloudy”, small rice particles are left in the sake resulting in a creamy texture and natural sweetness of the rice, reminiscent of sake straight from the tank. Notes of steamed milk, sticky rice & yogurt with a fine creamy texture set Daku apart from other sake in this style. 


Musashino Shuzo was founded by the Kobayashi family in 1916. En route to the brewery you will pass mountainsides of lovely terraced rice fields, most of them still laboriously cultivated. “We’ve finally found our way here, in the search for good rice”, says company president Hajime Kobayashi. Musashino buys exclusively local-grown ‘Gohyakuman-goku’, working closely with the supplying farmers. A good reason to grow sake rice on the terraced steps is the mountain spring water, the same water used for brewing. One taste tells you it’s pure.

The company motto is to 
“Brew a sake you never get tired of drinking 
(Nomiaki Shinai Osake)”