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Ossau Iraty Affine AOP

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Brand: Agour, Mons Fromager/Affineur
Country of Origin: France
Region: Pyrenees
Milk Type: Sheep
Milk Treatment: Raw
Rennet Type: Animal
Average Maturation Time: 6+ Months

We love this style of cheese, and we think you will love it too. This traditional cheese from the Basque Country is made with sheep's milk. The paste is semi-firm, soft to the touch, ivory color, and smooth in the palate. The aromas of this cheese reminds us of picnic afternoons in the sun, you can get hints of herbs and grass. The best part of this cheese is the taste, distinctive of ewes' milk with nice balance acidity and a lot of savory notes.
Honey, walnuts, and a crisp pear will bring highlight the wonderful savory notes of this cheese. Serve in a cheese board or eat by itself as a midday snack full of protein.
Red wines are a natural pairing for cheeses that have a lot of character like Ossau Iraty. Try different ones until you find the right pairing for you. Start with french Burgundy wines and graduate to Ports.