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Paski Sir

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Country of Origin: Croatia
Region: Pag Island
Milk Type: Sheep
Milk Treatment: Pasteurized
Rennet Type: Microbial
Average Maturation Time: 1 Year

This croatian cheese is made in the island of Pag using sheep's milk. Since the Croatian government doesn't allow the production of animal rennet, Paski Sir is made with the help of microbial rennet, thus making it a vegetarian cheese. Aged at least for 4 months, under the thin rind, the paste can be light or dark yellow depending on age. The texture goes from dry to flaky with the addition of pleasant graininess as it ages. Young cheeses are herbal and salty, while more aged versions keep that savory profile but become more assertive with a bit of tanginess at the end of the palate.
Serve in a cheese board with fresh fruits, charcuterie, and honey. Aged cheeses can also be shaved on top of pasta.
Full body red wines are the best pairings for this full body cheese. Try a Rioja from Spain or seek out the unique wines of Croatia.