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Spark Creativity Gift Box

Spark Creativity Gift Box

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Spark Creativity Gift Box

Ignite that creative spark for someone special. Boost brain function with a strong cup of brew and keep honey nearby. Did you know raw honey can help stimulate memory-related brain areas?

Slanted Mug

The perfect cup of coffee begins with the perfect mug. the barista slant recreates the feeling of a barista-perfect cup of coffee, evoking the circular turn of a barista’s hand as they craft your cup. Our glazed cups with matte finishing fuse modern design with comfort and style to turn everyday kitchen items into small works of art, easy to clean, dishwasher and microwave safe. the barista slant: beauty in a cup.

Spark Creativity

Designed to look like a matchbox, this little box of faux matchsticks contains 50 prompts to kindle the creative spirit. The prompts are applicable to any creative pursuit, be it art, music, writing, or idea-generation.

Panther Coffee

TASTING NOTES: Montemorency cherry citrus, milk chocolate bright, sweet and silky. 12oz kraft bag of whole bean or ground coffee. Mejor, meaning ‘best’ in Spanish, is a regional blend of coffees from smallholder producers around Popayán in the department of Cauca, Colombia. These farmers grow Castillo coffee on small plots of land- typically only one or two hectares. These coffees are processed in the washed method and dried on tables at the farm.

NEV Honey & Bourbon Vanilla

Vial of 125 g / 90 ml of NEV - HONEY & BOURBON VANILLA.
100% French & organic.
Organic Bourbon vanilla harvested and refined in Réunion and then macerated for at least 6 weeks in organic Acacia honey from our Var beekeeper.

*Due to the nature of working with small businesses, we reserve the right to swap products of equal type and quality based on availability.

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