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Brand: Herve Mons Affineur
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Region: Thurgau, St Gall & Zurich
Milk Type: Cow
Milk Treatment: Raw
Rennet Type: Animal
Average Maturation Time: 4-6 months

This everyday cheese from the cantons of Thurgau, St. Gall and Zurich in Switzerland is a wonderful cheese to snack on and melt on everything. The recipe travel to the East Prussian town of Tilsit via Germany, where emigrant Dutch farmers had traditionally been making the cheese. Wheels are aged for approximately three months, with the result that the cheese has a pronounced aroma and a smooth, dense, paste. Flavors are mild and milky.
Consider it a table cheese perfect to eat in the morning on toast. It is a crowd pleaser.
Pair this cheese with a Belgian ale